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Our Story

Why we love what we do


Epic Lash Pro was created by Nikki Hagen-Misley, founder of Epic Lashes and Brows. After countless hours of training, a passion for lash extensions and great success in the lash industry,and permanent makeup Industry, along with trying many different products around the world, I wanted something more to offer to professionals in the US that is current with the trends that are ever evolving around the world.
Like many of you, if not researching, trying, testing my life revolves around lash extensions and the quality of products and safety to our clients.

If you are new to this industry, it can be very overwhelming of what you need and will use. We only sell adhesive and Sky is the best. There are many types of Sky. So if you tried one and didnt like it, there are many more to choose from. We tend to change types on our page based on fastness, retention, low fumes, and the change in this industry to experienced lash artists.


It is our missions to practise eyelash extension safety and sell products to licensed professionals.

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